How the new Nexus 7 in Japan does Japanese input – and you can do it too — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Doug, I was very interested to find out from your writings, I needed to long-push the space bar to toggle the Japanese input. Now I have a question. When in Japanese input, I have the keyboard layout set up for 12 kana keys, and there are various other keys which I am still trying. But I have not been able to find, on the 12 kana keyboard layout, a space bar. Maybe you can help me. How, in Japanese input, do you make a space? Thanks, Peter

  2. Hi Peter. On my Nexus 7 I don’t need to long push the space bar to toggle the Japanese input. I have the “globe” appear on both my English input keyboard and Japanese input keyboard for instant toggling between input.

    Also, I am not using the 12 kana keyboard layout, so I don’t really know the answer to your specific question. Instead I use the QWERTY layout for both (in Japanese this would be romaji to hiragana and then convert, like I do on my Mac and on my iPhone and iPad).

    In settings under Language and Input I have the following items selected in the Keyboard & Input Methods section:

    Google Voice Typing
    iWnn IME <- this is the one I installed with the Wnn Keyboard Lab I believe. Doing this lets me switch easy between input methods. And frankly having the full keyboard to use for both languages is easier for me than the 12-key option where you have to hold down one key and select the character you want. In other words, it's easier for me to just type G O to get ご then it is to hold the か key, then select こ and then the ten-ten. doug

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