Hillary wins Florida!

Hillary’s vote numbers in Florida are fantastic, no matter what happens to the actual delegates! (Everything thinks they will eventually get seated at the convention though – nobody wants to antagonize Florida for the general election.)

Even Obama has admitted that you can’t “ignore” the Democratic voters of Florida.

The exit polls were very revealing:

* While more white voters supported Hillary and more black voters supported Obama, the percentage of black voters supporting Hillary was higher than the percentage of white voters supporting Obama.

* Latin-American voters supported Hillary over Obama 2-to-1.

* Overall, Hillary seems to have received more votes that Obama and Edwards combined, with an 18% lead over Obama (as of this writing – that might change as the night goes on.)

And this is even with Obama TV ads being broadcast throughout Florida (even though there was a no campaign pledge from all the candidates).

This cannot bode well for the Obama campaign going into Super Tuesday. According to CNN, if you look at the state-by-state demographics, Clinton is likely to overwhelmingly win in almost all the states.

The momentum is clearly back in Hillary’s favor!


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