Hillary was great at the South Carolina debate!

There was action. And there was really good issues content as well!

Obama made the first get-down-dirty attack with his “Walmart director” remark aimed at Hillary. He seemed taken aback that Hillary dared strike back about his legal work for a slumlord back in Illinois. Obama looked like he was caught in the headlights stammering that it was only about 5 hours of work. 🙂

Obama sounded completely weird trying to explain his vote against a ceiling on credit card interest rates. Even Edwards was incredulous asking, “you mean you were against any ceiling at all because you thought the proposed ceiling was too high?”

But the greatest part was when they got to the real issues. Hillary’s best moment was talking about what she cares most about – finally achieving universal health care. I hope they make that into a TV ad for the final days leading up to the next batch of primaries.

Also, Hillary was fantastic when pointing out how during the 1990s, under the you-know-who administration, African-Americans saw a rise in income, while under the last 8 years they suffered a decrease. Knowing how to actually achieve progress and affect change really does matter!

I don’t know if it will make a difference in the South Carolina primary, where racial politics seems to be very strong, but I am very very confident going forward into February 5th.


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