Hillary and the band — 2 Comments

  1. Question: How much do you think Obama’s momentum is due to the fact that he’s the “Media’s Darling”?I mean, the only time they mention him is either a) as an underdog, which in America is a BIG thing, or B) just generally in good light, or c) both.Clinton on the other hand, always seems to be slighted, as if “it’s hers to lose” or other. Seems that while they’re not blatantly bashing her, they seem to only allude to her as “that” candidate, rather than A candidate…. At least what I see. random bob, a.r.c.

  2. I think you have hit the nail on the head. Add to the media darling phenomenon that Obama has become basically a shell into which people can fill anything they want. That’s why you see Republicans saying they might vote for him even though he is the most liberal Senator on record – with a higher liberal rating than Teddy Kennedy. It’s because he is (cleverly) being exceptionally vague in the campaign, so people see in him whatever they want.doug

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