Happy New Year 2022

I hope 2022 brings everybody peace and happiness. And that life starts returning to normal for everybody.

Happy Year of the Tiger 2022 (Reiwa 4)

Here are some sunrise walk photos this morning.

The sun is just starting to rise, and you can see a crescent moon.
First cat encounter of the new year. Night Mode handled this dark scene very well.
Mt. Fuji and the Sky Tree, seen from the Nakagawa on this clear January 1st morning.
Zooming in on Mt. Fuji.
The Sky Tree at sunrise.
First sunrise of 2022.
Taking in the morning glow on New Year’s Day.
Water break.
By any chance, do you happen to have any snacks?
Meeting a friend. There were lots of people out looking at the first sunrise of the year.
This woman really loved Pao. She declined to take him home with her though.

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