Hao-chan seems very subdued today — 4 Comments

  1. Aw, sick kids suck. Hopefully Ho Chan feels better shortly. Best wishes, then!

  2. Hao-chan will be fine.Last night I somehow managed to clip the biggest problem nail, but still could not get the rest before he squirmed and flew away.I wanted to bring him to the vet because of the way he was resting on his body rather than his feet. Try as I might I could not get him into that small carrying cage, so I put him in his original cage (the one that I thought was too small so I ended up bringing back that huge cage from the U.S.) and caught a taxi to the vet, who is close by.The vet is obviously very skilled with java sparrows. He reached into the cage and Hao-chan tried to get away from his hand, but after about a minute basically gave up and let the vet grab him. The vet held Hao-chan’s head between two fingers and clipped his remaining nails and gave him a thorough examination. Hao-chan seemed more frozen than panicked. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.The vet said that Hao-chan had no injuries but could see that he was in a bit of pain trying to avoid putting weight on his left foot. He said it was similar to a human muscle being pulled. That is why he was resting his whole body on my hand and falling asleep, which he said is not harmful.He said that for 3 days he should be forced to not use any perch where he has to grab and hold on to. He told me to remove all the perches from Hao-chan’s cage, and also remove the bottom mesh (which is on top of the newspapers). He said to just let Hao-chan rest on the newspapers for 3 days and put a shallow dish with his food and water down there. That’s where is bath is too. This will let Hao-chan rest on his body instead of his legs if he feels like it and give him a change to feel better.Hao-chan seemed very puzzled by this and flew around for a while looking for a perch to land on and then gave up and is resting on the bottom of the cage for now.The vet does nail clipping for just 500 yen (a little under $5) so when Hao-chan needs it again I think I’ll just bring him back there.By the by, I remember reading that some people always remove that bottom mesh. I wonder if I should even put that back when I put the perches back in a few days.doug

  3. Well, Hao-chan is chirping incessantly today (in other words, like he usually does) and is using both feet normally, so I guess he is all better now.doug

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