Hao and Mon playing on my desk — 3 Comments

  1. I would say that Hao and Mon are efficient office wreckers. I Note that Mon’s feathers have turned more brownish, By the way, what happened to Mon’s eggs? Did you have a bird’s egg omelet? Did you break each one to see if all were not fertile? Walt telephoned me via iPhone 4. He’s still in the hospital and on the hospital “body-building program. If stays there long enough, he just may lose his appetite for gin and osake, which would be no loss at his age. He says hi and cheers. There will be no operation until the body building is finished. By the way, he is in Hajioji brach of the Shinjuku Women’s Hospital. dave

  2. Yes, Hao and Mon take destruction quite seriously.Mon is a cinnamon java sparrow and her coloring has gotten somewhat more pronounced. Hao is a white java sparrow.I did break each egg to confirm they were infertile. They were all just plain yolks. They looked like miniature chicken eggs you might buy at the store. I felt that eating them was somehow…. cannibalistic… so I just gently disposed of them.Regards to Walt! Did he try using his iPad there? As long as there is a SoftBank 3G signal there it should work!doug

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