Hao and Mon have taken up gardening — 6 Comments

  1. Hao and Mon, as renters, should file a complaint with the landlord__no daily change of the floor mat in their quarters! Archibal

  2. Seriously – the newspaper lining was changed about a week ago. This is all new!Hao seems fascinated by it and spend all day at the bottom of the cage exploring.doug

  3. Very Interesting, Life grows all over. When will you be in Boston, I would love to meet you there or come to NY and we will drive to Boston together Love, Muttle View this post » Leave a comment » Posterous is the place to post everything. Just email us.

  4. I’m not sure. I’ve had so many unexpected expenses this year I don’t think I can make a U.S. trip until next year. And just today I found out my ex-pat health insurance annual premium is going up by 25%!doug@got older today

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