Good checkup at the hospital

I just got back from a two month checkup at the hospital. Excellent blood test results. My LDL is now down to 64! That’s probably better than all my friends.

My blood sugar dropped even more and is a completely normal HbA1c of 5.5 – without medication. That was a pleasant surprise, because I’ve been eating a lot of fruits like bananas lately, and all that white rice that I have been eating until just last couple of weeks. But it all had nothing but positive effects on my blood sugar.

My blood pressure was 115/62, also without medication.

Everything was just completely normal. The doctor was pleased. The nutritionist was pleased. I was pleased.

That’s about it. I go back for another regular check up in two months.

At this rate, my health insurance company is going to continue to make huge profits on me. 🙂



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