What would Japan be without Godzilla?

Godzilla is the new mascot of Shinjuku in Tokyo. They even made him an honorary citizen of the ward, citizen registry and all.

The new Toho Cinemas complex just opened in the Kabukicho neighborhood of Shinjuku, along with a big hotel. And Godzilla looms over the structure. I went to check it out today.

Godzilla memory – many years ago I went to see the latest Godzilla movie at the theater in Kabukicho. I was the only adult I think; everybody else seemed to be junior high school boys. So if you scanned the audience, all the heads were at one level, except for mine sticking above the crowd. The schoolboys were all very enthusiastic in telling me all about Godzilla details as we watched the movie.

Trivia question (no fair looking it up!) – what does the name Godzilla come from?


Photo Apr 25, 1 30 01 PM



Photo Apr 25, 1 33 07 PM


Photo Apr 25, 1 32 00 PM


Photo Apr 25, 1 32 10 PM



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  1. That’s awesome! I love Godzilla! I’ve seen all the movies and love the English-Japanese dubbed attempt!

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