Funeral and eulogy for mom — 5 Comments

  1. What a beautiful life. I’m wishing you comfort and peace. May we all strive to be remembered so admirably.

  2. My deepest Condolences to you and your family left by your mom. Really sad of your mom’s passing, But glad she is now away from pain and again be with your dad. Be strong 😀

  3. From my earliest days, as a two year old, when your parents (my aunt and uncle) lived across the hall, they welcomed me and gave me unconditional love. They were a loving couple whom we all loved. The intelligence, sense of humor, and encouragement were nirvana. There are so many memories and not enough space.

    It was your dad who encouraged me to go to law school and assisted me in the law school application process. Your mother kept me in line always–but with a stern kindness. Together, they were role models that we were all so lucky to have.

    Your mom on the trampoline remains the funniest and most heart-felt experience of my life. We stood there as she jumped on that trampoline and had the best time. Those days in Coral Gables were some of the best.
    And the clowns in the Volkswagon scene: 5 of us in your dad’s MG showing up in Key Biscayne.

    The time we lost my brother Gary at the beach…and the what-for we got from your parents as my then very young brother made it back to your home all by himself was a unique memory for sure.

    Your birthday parties with Pinatas were so much fun.

    And when you and your family moved to Texas and sent grandma a letter of the move was hilarious. Grandma read the letter and was crying. When I asked her why, she stated that you were all going to get killed by the Indians.

    We looked forward to the summers your family spent at our home. Pure joy.

    I am so grateful that we were able to celebrate a couple of your mom’s birthdays when she turned 90 and beyond. My grandson had the best time and was sad when I told him of her passing.

    I miss them both and always will…We were very lucky to have had them in our lives.

  4. Thanks so much, Howie. You filled in memories I had all but forgotten until you just reminded me.

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