Full blown water buying panic in Tokyo

I’m afraid I’m seeing a full blown buying panic here in Tokyo. After the Tokyo government said the radiation level in Tokyo water exceeded safe limits for infants, water just evaporated from the shelves.

I went out before looking for some just in case this goes on and tried Life Supermarket, the small store near my house, Attack (a middle size supermarket), Maruetsu (supermarket), 7/11, Universal Drug and AM/PM – plus all the vending machines along the way and water is completely sold out.

With my delivery of Crystal Geyser (sparkling water) the other day and 8 x 2L bottles of regular mineral water I’m ok for a while. But this better resolve itself quickly. I was not able to find any mineral water for sale at the big online Rakuten shop either. It’s all sold out.

There is some green tea still to be found, so I might get some of that just in case I run out of water.

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