Facebook account restored. Again.

After 18 days my Facebook account has been restored, thanks to a friend who interceded and filed an internal report. The report found no violations and that was that.

The last time this happened was in November. But then I was back within 24 hours of uploading my ID. At that time I said “Once burned, twice foolish, three times…???” Now it’s the fourth time.

Facebook says that have taken steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again. We’ll see. “Centralized Escalations Support” sounds like a working group on “Severance.”

Going forward I’m going to have to think long and hard about how I use Facebook.

I have found groups for things like health and political discussions just fine on Reddit. And I’ve even started using Twitter some more. It’s interesting in that you can view the “engagement” of each of your posts. It’s more chaotic though. And of course I have my blog here. And my private label social network at Lifemind. It’s hard to get people to join new social networks though.

Anyway, I’m glad I can see my circle of friends at Facebook again. That’s all I really missed.

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