Excel in Office 2016 is very buggy – so I installed Office 2011 and it is better – wondering why I upgraded from Office 2008 now — 2 Comments

  1. Hi,
    I have been using Office 2013 which was fantastic and I have just installed Office 2016 and found it to be SUPER buggy. it exhibits Win 95 style random Crashes. Excel and word both hang for no reason and hang at save. Outlook just dies at least once a day. If you are thinking of upgrading and are a power user, wait at least a year so that all the service packs have time to come out. Don’t spend the money quite yet. Also i can’t actually see any difference of how its better than 2013 so once again, its a marginal benefit if you are upgrading. Oh yea, I use Win7-64.

  2. The latest version of Office 2016 for the Mac has finally fixed some of the bugs. At least the Excel bugs I mentioned.

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