Earthquake — 5 Comments

  1. Doug. I know Japan can get earthquakes but you be safe. Was there much destruction? Love,   Muttle

  2. Luckily it turns out there was no damage. Just a lot of talk for the day.doug

  3. I might have been on the train when it occurred. Didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. My first year in Tokyo, I was riding on the Chuo line when the train stopped between stations. I was leaning against the side next to the exit door. When I looked up, the people standing and reading seemed to be weaving back and forth in unison. I felt completely disoriented. Then there was an announcement and explanation why we had stopped. Guess I should check what’s going on now. Dave

  4. Before coming to Japan I read “The Japan Handbook” put out, I believe, by Lonely Planet.It had all these warnings about to do in case of an earthquake: make sure the gas is turned off, do this, do that, go to an evacuation center, etc.One night during my first week in my new apartment the building started shaking and I thought, “Oh no! What am I supposed to do? Where are those instructions?”I ran outside and saw… absolutely nothing going on at all. People just walking around going about their business.I went back inside and went to sleep.Since then I’ve mostly just ignored tremors, though occasionally one will wake me up. This one, the other day, lasted a long time, and my iMac monitor was shaking, so it stood out as being one of the stronger ones. But, still, no damage.doug

  5. We are so sorry to hear about this and we love you so much and are very very happy that everything is well there for you. You are so special and we LOVE you and want only the best for you now and always.With all our LOVE, with all out hearts,MOM & CATHYSent from my iPad

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