Doug’s Diet Manifesto — 3 Comments

  1. Doug, I agree. Everybody is different. I lost weight the hard way. A stomach operation that took some of my intestine made it harder to have the appetite I once had so I lost weight and now  I stay the same with a good weight. BUT everybody is different,viva la difference

  2. Hi Doug! I found your blog. This is a fascinating subject for me, because I struggle with my weight also. Well, truth be told, I haven’t struggled in a while . I just let myself get really fat.I absolutely agree that “one size fits all” prescriptions are foolish. I think obesity comes from a combination of the individuals behaviors as well as their physical makeup. As for myself, I often say that it’s not my fault that I’m overweight to some degree, but it is my fault I am as overweight as I am.The only time I have not been overweight at all was when I was in my twenties and running about 40 miles a week. That’s not going to happen again. But that doesn’t mean I can’t avoid a visit from Dick Gregory.For now, I am just going to try to exert more discipline in eating and getting more physical activity and see where that goes. My goals are modest…to feel more comfortable in my clothes (and not having to buy larger clothes!), to give my knees a break, and to not be eligible to appear on A&E’s “Heavy”.BTW, you don’t look too overweight in the pics I’ve seen on facebook. You certainly look more svelte than when I first met you. Anyway, good luck with whatever avenue to weight loss you choose.

  3. Hi, Cloyd.My FaceBook pictures are accurate and up-to-date, but they only show part of the picture, as it were. I am actually very fat! Over the decades I’ve lost 100+ lb at a time multiple times, only to end up regaining each time. As recently as 2007 I was just 79.8 kg, my lowest adult weight. But after 2 years of dieting without going off my diet even once, I fell off the wagon and weight started creeping up again. As it has in a half-dozen or more of these cycles. (sigh)Most of my body fat is around my stomach, which is why it isn’t as obvious in my FaceBook pictures, which as you will note, are not full body shots. :)Oh well, there’s nothing to do but keep trying.doug

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