Chako lives!

Notwithstanding Kokita-san’s husband’s attempts to slaughter every cat in the neighborhood, Chako remains alive! I can’t feed her anymore because of neighbor reactions, but Kokita-san still manages to feed Chako every day, in secret, behind her house. Don’t worry, her husband is dumber than a cat and would never find this blog (and probably doesn’t even know what a blog is).

As you might recall, Chako is the feral cat I felt sorry for, even though I don’t really like cats, and had her spayed and released. She is very unusual. She’s missing one paw, has two different color eyes, and she never ever makes a sound! The vet said there is nothing physically preventing her from meowing, she does never does. Ever.

Here is some more on her:

Purple has gone missing though, and we fear the worst.

This is a photo of Chako this morning, eating breakfast over at Kokita-san’s place. Somewhere hidden. At an undisclosed location.



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