Chako and another cat — 4 Comments

  1. Indonesian Sparrows and stray cats are not exactly compatible neighbors. And the occasional serenades are not Metropolitan Opera class. We have cats in this area. I see a number in my daily 20 minute walk to the train station. I have become fond of one that waits along the trail for someone to stop long enough to pet it. He or she rolls over to have its stomach scratched then will rub against your leg with its “motor” running, if you rub its back. It’s always in the same spot. Its owner must live nearby. Most of the cats are very independent and stay under cover. That said, I prefer dogs. Archibal

  2. Java sparrows and stray cats definitely don’t make for good companions. Don’t worry, the cats aren’t coming inside. Chako is feral I believe, and so I don’t think there is really hope of it finding an indoor home anywhere.doug

  3. If one is male and the other female then you will soon have more cats under your stairwell. Cats are nice, I like cats

  4. I don’t really like cats. But it is cold outside, so I feel sorry for Chako. The other cat is just encroaching on Chako’s meager food territory.doug

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