Chako – a quiet update

For those of you who have followed Chako over many years, it appears she is finally nearing her end.

She’s as comfortable as possible, with blankets covering her, and a bowl of food. But she’s no longer eating.

She returned to my neighbor’s house where she feels the safest I think. She’s resting quietly.

Here are posts about Chako over the years.

It’s amazing for a stray to have lived this long.


Chako – a quiet update — 2 Comments

  1. I remember first reading about Chako when I was still living in my previous house, so that must have been at least 9 years ago. She has indeed living longer than the typical houseless cat.

  2. Chako has actually rebounded, and is eating and running around again. After explaining the “9 lives” thing to the local vet he said she’s on her 10th life now.

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