Can’t seem to find the right long-term diet — 2 Comments

  1. Same issue here. Last few weeks I have been presuming that I have systematic candida (recent studies have shown that internal bacteria can fabricate hormones as well as influence signalling in human hosts).

    Recent changes:
    -stopped coffee (70%+ fungal mold rates here in North America)
    -stopped peanuts (same reason)
    -eating raw garlic during meals
    -drinking oil of oregano during the day
    -drinking sodium bicaronate
    -drinking drops of hydrogen peroxide in water (drops in drinking water)

    You can read up this guys experiments with anti-candida lifestyle here

    All of the above are moderate changes with no danger to overdose. The rationale makes sense, in that our bodies are bombarded with fungus daily, so we need to eat and drink in a way to strenthen our resistance.

    you may like many of the foods suggested due to you living in Japan as these are native.

    I am also completely plant based, whole foods, no processed ‘foods’

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