Cabinet kept alarming nuke report secret — 4 Comments

  1. This is pretty meaningless without an assessment of the probability of the worst case outlined: a hydrogen explosion tearing the reactor containment vessel apart. If there’s one chance in a million, it’s hardly worth talking about. The media would make a major meal of it no matter what odds were quoted, and the resulting anxiety would probably cause behavior or psychosomatic illnesses (if not outright panic) killing people in numbers far exceeding the expected (in the probabilistic sense) number of deaths from the hypothesized event itself. Some analyses of the Chernobyl aftermath have concluded that the number of deaths from the event itself were dwarfed by deaths from self-destructive behavior (drug overdoses, AIDS, accidents after overdrinking) rationalized with “I’m going to die young anyway, because I got a radiation dose” — among populations where the dose was far too small to be appreciable, or very easily offset by a slightly less carcinogenic lifestyle.

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