Back to Mailplane again for now

Sorry in advance for another boring tech note that probably only I care about.

Anyway, I’m back to Mailplane again for now.

I already posted the things I like better about Apple Mail so won’t repeat myself.

But… Apple Mail isn’t as reliable as Mailplane with syncing with Gmail. For example, yesterday I was waiting around for a mail I expected to arrive before 3 pm. It didn’t arrive. But I did get email at 2 pm and 3:45 pm. But then I noticed that the mail was really there on the Gmail server – Apple Mail had simply skipped over syncing it! And very often Apple Mail might be late by HOURS in syncing with Gmail. So I was able to get to the mail via Mailplane.

Also, I’m bilingual, and Gmail/Mailplane works better in Japanese. Sometimes in Apple Mail Japanese subject headers or even the entire message get corrupted. That never happens in Mailplane or Gmail.

So I’m back again to Mailplane. Because the bottom line is I want to make sure I actually see email that arrives! But it’s not easy on the eyes and I never feel relaxed using it.

These problems don’t happen in iOS. If Apple can make it work in iOS Mail, why can’t they make it work well in OS X?

Anyway, there. I am finished venting for now.

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