Back from the pet shop with stuff for Hao

I’m back from the pet shop. I got two new foods:

(1) A commercial egg food and

(2) a “green food” which are teeny pellets including rape leaves and lots of vitamins and stuff. I put both in a separate dish next to the calcium chips and set Hao next to it and fortunately he seems to really like both and is nibbling away!

Also, all day long, instead of sitting on one of the perches, he’s been sitting on top of the pet heater (even though it’s turned off). I think he might be having some balance problems and so finds the larger, almost flat surface of the pet heater more relaxing. So I also get a small wooden “staged rest” surface thing meant for little rodents, but which can be affixed at any height to the cage and I set it next to the pet heater. He’s currently scared of it, but I’m hoping he’ll use it and find it more comfortable than the metal casing of the pet heater.


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