I’m not a McCain supporter by any means, but what on earth does Palin’s daughter Bristol’s pregnancy have to do with the campaign?

From what I’ve read, there was an ill-fated bloggers’ attempt to discredit Palin with an outrageous smear that she was trying to cover up Bristol’s pregnancy by falsely claiming to have given birth to her 5th child and that she was “really” the grandmother and not the mother.

To stop the smears, Palin ended up providing the actual facts about what the media should have left alone as a private family matter.

Palin did nothing wrong here. The bloggers show themselves to be muck-raking scandal mongers of the worst kind. And as for Bristol? What? Nobody has ever heard of a 17 year old becoming pregnant and marrying the father? Geez. Obama’s mother herself was just 18 years old when she was pregnant with Barack and married her first husband, Barack Obama senior. So what?


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