A bit of a weight stall

I’ve been hovering around 86 kg for about a month now, and feel a bit frustrated.

Overall I’ve done well. I’m down a total of 43 kg = 95 lb. And according to BMI charts I supposedly need to lose just 10.6 more kg to be out of the overweight range! Hmm… Seems achievable.

My short term goals are also modest I think. I’d be happy just getting into the 70s by the end of the year.

I’ve been examining the calories of what I’m eating more closely and, to be honest, it looks like I’ve been underestimating the calories in many of the fruits I’ve been eating. Bananas and apples are actually pretty high calorie. The calorie density of bananas in particular is really high. Almost like potatoes. Blueberries seem the safest.

So I think my next step will be cutting back on certain fruits, and more rigorously tracking the calories in fruits I do eat.

As an aside, I felt like a munchie yesterday, but I also felt lazy and didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. So I just took a carrot, washed it with my potato brush, sliced it, and nuked it for 10 minutes, and made super simple carrot chips. About 70 calories. Pretty tasty. Not really filling though if you have the munchies.

Tech Talk: iPadOS / iOS 13.1 First Impressions

This is just from playing with iOS 13.1 for about an hour on my iPad 5th Generation and iPhone X. You can find lots of articles online with in-depth details. So these are just my own first impressions. I hope you find them useful.

The best update for me – video editing!

First what I think is the the best new feature in iPadOS and iOS 13, and what makes it worthwhile updating right away for. Photo and video editing has been incredibly improved! Now you can crop and rotate videos directly! And you can edit video brightness, etc., directly from within the Photos app. Finally! This is a huge convenience. Think about it.

Photos Gallery

The Photos view itself is also greatly improved. If you are scrolling through your photos, you can do it by day, months, years, and all photos. The cool thing is that photos are scaled nicely, and you can see the live photos and videos move as you are scrolling through. It brings your photos more “to life” as you are looking through them. 

Some iPadOS Notes

From 13 onward, iOS is for iPhones and iPadOS is for iPads. I only touch on some of the new features here. There are apparently some cool things you can do between your iPad and Mac as well.


I’ve always like the fact that you can copy on one device (iPhone, iPad, Mac) and paste to another. I use that all the time, and it’s one thing that keeps me in the Apple ecosystem.

Handoff is quite cool too. For example, after updating my iPad to iPadOS13, I noticed right away that if I have a Chrome window open on my Mac, there’s a little icon at the bottom right on my iPad which lets me open that same page in Safari. Interesting. Similarly, if you are composing an email, or writing a memo on one device, you can just switch to another device and continue.

Widgets on the Home Screen

The iPad now allows widgets on the home screen, which makes better use of the home screen space. So I can, for example, see the weather and upcoming calendar appointments right there on the home screen to the left of app icons. That’s pretty cool.

Multitasking Enhancements

On the iPad, you can now have multiple versions of the same app open at the same time and other multitasking features. For example, you can have Files open twice in split view and drag files around to different folders that way. It works great, but the UI takes some getting used to. I suspect unless you are using your iPad every day for school or actual work you probably won’t be doing this much. Maybe I’ll feel different about that once I get the hang of the UI better. It does work as advertised though.

Desktop-like Safari on the iPad

In iPadOS the Safari browser is more like the desktop browser now, with tabs and other desktop-like experiences. You can even drag browser tabs to the side and have two pages open at once in split view mode (see multitasking, above). That’s pretty cool. Apple are clearly trying to make iPad more useful as a computer substitute for certain people.

Dark Mode

Another thing I noticed right away is that I don’t really care for dark mode. It clashes in ordinary Mail, because the bodies of a mail are not dark and yet the listings themselves are dark, so it looks weird. Instead of being easy on the eyes, it becomes confusing. I’m sticking with regular window colors.

Slide to Type – and the small keyboard on the iPad

The new slide-to-type, where you run your fingers over the keys instead of typing each letter separately, works flawlessly on my iPhone. In a situation where you can’t dictate I can see this being a big time saver.

Meanwhile on the iPad you can shrink the gigantic on-screen keyboard to iPhone size now. Just pinch in on the keyboard (like you’re shrinking a photo) and you have a much less intrusive keyboard which you can use with one hand. When you do this, slide-to-type also works on the iPad.

Some Mail UI improvements

When you touch the reply icon in Mail, you see lots of options at once: reply all, forward, trash, flag, mark as unread, move to a suggested mailbox, or move to another mailbox – all right there. Also archive, junk, mute, notify me and more are right there. Interesting!

Message Searching 

Searching in Messages is greatly improved, and you can instantly find photos and attachments. Also, some attachments that didn’t open previously now do open, like a sound attachment of birdsongs a friend sent me recently.

Memo Improvements

The Memo app, which I use every day (I no longer use Evernote) gets new features too, like a gallery view (easy to find images and sketches. Another big improvement in Memo is shared folders for collaboration (before you could only share individual notes).

Long Screenshots Doesn’t Work

A feature that looks convenient, but doesn’t work for me right now is long screenshots. In Safari, Mail and other Apple Maps you supposedly can now take a long screenshot without doing it in parts and then using an app like Stitch-It to piece it back together again. It’s supposed to save it as a PDF in Files. I tried this, and it saves it as a PDF in Files, but it’s just the selection as before. I’m checking into this.

iOS 13 / iPadOS 13 are also noticeably faster. I recommend updating if your device supports it.

Another diet milestone

I love milestone reports.

Today (MyFitnessPal streak day 2,678) I have gone under 190 lb and am now 189.6 lb = exactly 86 kg.

I’ve lost a total of 43 kg = 94.8 lb. Of that, 25.4 kg = 56 lb has been since recommitting to WFPB (whole food plant based) eating last September after reading Dr. Greger’s, “How Not To Die.”

According to BMI charts, to reach a “standard, non-overweight” weight I just need to lose another 10.6 kg = 23 lb.

I’m a bit skeptical, because my stomach is still pretty noticeable, but we shall see what another 10.6 kg weight loss brings.

My weight loss rate is pretty slow. I’m aiming for just 0.4 kg = 0.88 lb/week to take it nice and easy, without feeling deprived, or resorting to things like intermittent fasting. So I probably will not make that goal by the end of the year. But it seems within sight now!

Monta gets his nail trimmed

The weather cooled off a bit, so I took Monta over to the vet to get his nails trimmed. He was a good boy. And we stopped at a park bench on the way home since he doesn’t get out much.

Getting ready to leave the house.
In the waiting room at the vet.
Getting his nails trimmed.
Relaxing at a park bench on the way home.
Safely back on his swing.