Apple, bendgate, and materialism — 5 Comments

  1. Enjoy it! Now that you know the bending flaw, you know what to do to prevent it. Where it in your shirt pocket and be happy!

  2. But never lean over! If I carried my phone in my shirt pocket I would have damaged even more phones over the years 😉

    My new Android phone has some features (like a larger screen that allows my aging eyes to read most things without glasses, and Bluetooth LE to talk to my Fitbit) that are really valuable to me. In my experience moving to a new generation of phone is generally worthwhile and yet there are always downsides and inconveniences. I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it, and the idiot fanboys will move on to something else soon.

  3. There is a new controversy with each release, whether fueled by fans of opposing devices to make them feel better about their purchases, or early adopters looking to be the first to find the “major flaw.”

    It’s legitimate info to know but I wouldn’t regret my purchase if I were you. Screen might scratch? Put a screen protector on it. Might break if dropped? Put a case on it. Might bend if you sit on it? Don’t put it in your pants pocket. All simple precautions for and expensive device.

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