AP: Search for radiation leak turns desperate in Japan — 2 Comments

  1. Doug, Thanks for all the information. It sounds terrible. The loss of life and the radiation leaks are just horrible. We can only hope that things will get better. Meanwhile you stay safe. We love you, M&M

  2. Doug,Hang in there or, perhaps based on the utter nonsense that TEPCO and the government is spewing, it’s time to leave :-(Do the “authorities” believe that the public has no collective common sense at all?? How else can they continue with their lies and rubbish?Of course the sea is going to be contaminated. Where else would all of that water go??! It’s only going to get worse; there is no place to put the contaminated coolant other than into the sea. It’s an open cycle!! Woe is the marine life on the Japanese coast and that which lives down-current. “It will dissipate…” Only those with addled brains will believe this. Or, those who might live the thousands of years necessary to see even minute dissipation.TEPCO wants to use oil booms to “contain” the radioactivity?!!!? You’ve got to be kidding me!!! Props and propaganda. That’s all that this is! Oil booms are only effective (sometimes!) for control of surface contaminants. Last time I checked, highly radioactive water does not tend to float atop seawater.Your government and TEPCO have lost all credibility. You are being misled and are being lied to! If they have to resort to coming up with sheer bullsh*t like the above, just think of the “real” information that they’re too afraid of letting the public know. It’s not good, Doug. The environmental and industrial calamity are horrific enough. Being led astray like this is much, much worse because lives of countless millions are being put at serious risk.

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