Another earthquake – magnitude 6.1

First came the alarm signal on TV that an earthquake had occurred centered in Ibaraki. I was thinking, “But I don’t feel anything” and then my house started shaking strongly. More things fell down but that’s just about it. It was magnitude 6.1. On the Japanese scale of 7 it was a 5 in Ibaraki and just 3 in Tokyo, though I would have guessed at least a 4.

Some shinkansen and other train lines are stopped again.



Another earthquake – magnitude 6.1 — 2 Comments

  1. Doug,  There seem to be too many after shock earthquakes. Is it safe in all of Japan? Love you, Mimi and Muttle

  2. Well, the number of aftershocks is going down, most days. I think it’s safe here for now.doug

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