Another diet milestone – down over 120 lb!

I know I just posted a milestone report last week, but this one seemed worth mentioning too. As of this morning I have lost over 120 lb!

This is MyFitnessPal streak day 2,993 (there have been ups and downs) but I am at the lowest weight in my entire adult life.

Other stats to report:

  • A total loss of 54.6 kg = 120.4 lb
  • Current weight is 74.4 kg = exactly 164 lb
  • I’ve lost 42.3% of my original weight
  • My current BMI is 24.6

I still think I need to lose some more because my stomach still sticks out a bit. And I need to do more upper body resistance exercising to add some muscles, according to everybody, including my doctor. As reported previously, all blood values are completely normal, and I’ve been off blood sugar meds since last November. My cholesterol is super low. And my blood pressure is excellent.

I eat whole-food plant-based, which is mostly vegan, no added oils, as little salt and sugar as possible, and mostly eating lower calorie density foods for weight loss. That means I eat lots of vegetables, starches for satiety like potatoes, and fruits. I avoid or carefully restrict very high calorie density foods like nuts, avocados, breads, and pastas. I do no intermittent fasting.

I changed my goal weight from the previous 74.8 kg to 69.8 kg, so let’s see how it goes. I’m not in any particular hurry.


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