An extremely annoying Japanese input bug just since iOS 13

This is a demonstration of an extremely annoying Japanese input bug that just surfaced since iOS 13.

It doesn’t matter what app you’re using, if you are dictating in Japanese, and you have the Japanese keyboard set, it starts receiving your Japanese characters and then switches to nonsense English words.

It doesn’t happen all the time. But it happens multiple times a day.

You just have to keep on trying over and over again until it realizes that you’re inputting Japanese.

It doesn’t matter if your primary iOS language is English or Japanese. 

I reported this to Apple feedback when version 13.1, 13.2, and 13.3 came out. No response.

It never happened even once in previous versions prior to iOS 13.

And it doesn’t happen just to me. In my Sunday volunteer teaching class, I have seen the problem and other people have seen the problem on multiple iPhones and iPads.

In this screen recording I am speaking ほうこくですまる (houkoku desu maru) which should convert to 報告です。

You can see the Japanese initially getting input, and then the nonsense English words it turns into with each attempt. 

If I try over and over and over again it will eventually work.

It’s extremely annoying, and I wish Apple would take the problem seriously and fix it.

If you are experiencing the problem, I urge you report it to Apple feedback. The more people who report it, maybe the better chances there are that somebody will actually fix it.

Here’s the screen recording:

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