All sealed up against come what may

I still don’t know if a radiation cloud really will arrive in Tokyo later today or not, but this house is really well built. As you can see in the photos most windows have storm shutters, in front of screens, in front of double-plated strong seal windows. I’ve added extra sealing at the front doors: newspaper slot, air vents and sealed a place at the top if one of the doors where there was a small gap. So I think I’m ok. doug


All sealed up against come what may — 3 Comments

  1. Well, sealing all the doors and windows would probably be a quicker way to go. I read recently an American man, semi-invalid, had sealed off his bedroom. The problem was, he farted so much that he gassed himself to death. Whoops! Just went through 2 earth shaking sessions. I was was poised to turn off the computer. In your situation, do you have an oxygen tank handy? At my age, I don’t give a dam, one way or the other, come what may. Dave

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