A near-miss house accident

Just before I had a house accident which could have caused serious injury, but luckily did not.

While taking a shower, the wall mirror in the ofuro suddenly fell down and shattered on the floor around my feet! Scary!

The cause was that one of the holders keeping the mirror attached to the wall had rusted out and became detached from the wall.

I very carefully, without moving my feet in the ofuro room, took a long step to the outer senmenjo (room where you wash your hands and brush your teeth). Then I put on slippers and carefully went back in and picked up the pieces. Then I open the drain filter and thoroughly washed the floor for several minutes to make sure any tiny splinters were gone.

Tomorrow I’m calling the landlord!

Anybody with mirrors like that on their ofuro wall, please take a moment to check how well they are attached!



A near-miss house accident — 2 Comments

  1. An ofuro is a Japanese bath. It’s an entire room with nothing in it but a large bath and shower. Very comfy under usual circumstances.


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