A diet update – things going well

I love milestone reports, so I’ll take any occasion for one. 

Today I’m down exactly 45 kg (99.2 lb) on WFPB eating. I’m also down over 60 lb since recommitting to WFPB in September last year after reading, “How Not to Die.”

I have tweaked Dr. Greger’s advice to suit me (everybody is different), in order to (1) keep on track with my weight loss and (2) have really great digestion.

Some of my tweaks include:

  • More careful “sequencing” to eat more food from the low calorie-density side of the chart,
  • Avoiding some foods from that side of the chart which I still think are too high in calories, like bananas (blueberries and watermelon have much lower calorie densities – bananas have a higher calorie density than potatoes!)
  • Having potatoes rather than rice when possible.
  • Not having too many potatoes.
  • Avoiding nuts. Sorry Dr. Greger, they do count.
  • Logging food and exercise calories in MyFitnessPal (calories count whether you count them or not).
  • And I don’t eat a lot of legumes because no matter what I try they cause unpleasant digestive side-effects. A small amount is ok though. Instead, I have lots of firm tofu! That doesn’t seem to bother me, and provides lots of protein, and also healthy fats, and is definitely on the lower side of the calorie density chart.

This morning I’m down to exactly 84 kg. According to BMI charts, that’s just 8.6 kg from a normal weight!

My short term goal is to get into the 70s by the end of the year. At this rate I might or might not make it – it’s a slow pace. But I am slowly losing weight, so I’m not too worried about that.

And no intermittent fasting. 🙂

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