A bit worried about Hao-chan

I’m officially worried about Hao-chan. There is something… off. He doesn’t seem specifically ill. But:

  • He’s stopped hopping up and down. This is something he used to do every day while singing. But he hasn’t done it at all for a while. Somebody mentioned that since he’s molting it might just be that, but I don’t remember any prolonged periods in the past when he wouldn’t hop up and down a lot.
  • He doesn’t sing much anymore. He never sang a lot, but he definitely would multiple times a day. Now days can go by without him singing.
  • Most worrisome is that he seems to sleep all the time. Like in this picture – he’ll land on my finger but then almost immediately go to sleep. 
  • He doesn’t seem as feisty as usual.
On the other hand, if I call him he’ll fly over to me. So he doesn’t seem to be weak. He flew back to his cage after I took this picture and went to sleep on the top perch. But when I called him he did fly over again and land on my hand, where he is right now. But he went to sleep again.
He has a normal appetite. And he takes baths every day and seems to enjoy them. And he doesn’t seem to be in any discomfort.
But something is off. I know he’s getting older, but he’s just 5 1/2 years old. So he’s, well, not “young” but he’s just in early middle age.
I would bring him by the vet, but I don’t think he’s that expert on tiny birds. Plus during office hours it’s so hot outside I’m afraid I might make things worse.
Anyway, I’m just sort of worried about him…

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