8 quakes so far today

We’ve had 8 quakes today so far greater than magnitude 4. Two were greater than magnitude 5. And it’s still just mid-afternoon.

Most were centered around Fukushima, but I felt at least 3 of them here.


 of 8 quakes (1113 total):

4.8M, depth: 20km 30/4/2011 15:044.6M, depth: 26km 30/4/2011 14:475.2M, depth: 40km 30/4/2011 14:064.7M, depth: 35km 30/4/2011 10:545.3M, depth: 51km 30/4/2011 07:194.8M, depth: 17km 30/4/2011 05:424.6M, depth: 35km 30/4/2011 03:224.9M, depth: 24km 30/4/2011 02:04



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