642 days vegan – but gaining weight

I’ve been putting on weight. This morning I was 2.4 kg heavier than just the last week. And I’ve been on a plateau for over 6 months.

The problem is probably just too many calories. And I think that is because of hunger pangs produced by eating too many carbs.  I’ve been overeating high carb foods like rice and senbei, which just leads to more hunger spikes.

Brown rice does not help controlling hunger any more than white rice. It is just as much a trigger food.

Tofu is much less calories, but also much less filling, and gives me some digestive problems.

I’m seriously thinking about going off the Ornish heart-reversal program for just a couple of weeks and low-carbing just to see if I can get my hunger under control.

I’ve been on this diet for 642 days now – going on 2 years. In the past, whenever I’ve dieted and lost a lot of weight, the rebound has always started about 2 years into the diet. I’m deathly afraid of that happening again.

Yet, I’ve been “basically vegan” and no oil, no nuts for so long now I am hesitant about eating animal products again and what that will do to my heart. My doctor and dietician both insist that certain animal products, such as skinless chicken and certain fish will not increase my cholesterol.

I don’t believe in the Atkins idea that somehow not eating carbs blocks weight gain. But I do know that low-carbing controls appetite, so I’m not thinking about food all the time.

Could it really hurt for just a couple of weeks to see?

Here’s what I think I’ll do for a couple of weeks to try to get things under control:

1. Instead of grains, like rice, I will have either boneless, skinless breast of chicken or tuna.

2. I will continue to eat non-starchy vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans and mushrooms. But I will stop eating starchy ones, such as corn-on-the-cob and sweet potatoes.

3. I might also have some cottage cheese.

This will bring my carbs way down, protein substantially up, and be a low intake of cholesterol, though not as low as the heart-reversal program.

Hopefully it will help control hunger and not be bad for my heart. Anyway, I’m going to try it for a couple of weeks. I’m in a panic right now about what’s happening to my weight. I’ve gained 11 lb since February 1st! Half of that just in the last 3 days!


642 days vegan – but gaining weight — 2 Comments

  1. I think your idea sounds good. I recently read some stuff that it’s not fat and saturated fat that is bad for heart and everything, but trans-fat and sugar. A guy from Sweden (I think) wrote a book about sugar (including carbs) and how deadly it is.

    One frustrating thing about nutrition is that the researchers keep finding new things and changing some of their pronouncements.

  2. I think the way I’ve been eating is heart healthy. Right now my main concern is avoiding a weight rebound.


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