What would Japan be without Godzilla?

Godzilla is the new mascot of Shinjuku in Tokyo. They even made him an honorary citizen of the ward, citizen registry and all.

The new Toho Cinemas complex just opened in the Kabukicho neighborhood of Shinjuku, along with a big hotel. And Godzilla looms over the structure. I went to check it out today.

Godzilla memory – many years ago I went to see the latest Godzilla movie at the theater in Kabukicho. I was the only adult I think; everybody else seemed to be junior high school boys. So if you scanned the audience, all the heads were at one level, except for mine sticking above the crowd. The schoolboys were all very enthusiastic in telling me all about Godzilla details as we watched the movie.

Trivia question (no fair looking it up!) – what does the name Godzilla come from?


Photo Apr 25, 1 30 01 PM



Photo Apr 25, 1 33 07 PM


Photo Apr 25, 1 32 00 PM


Photo Apr 25, 1 32 10 PM


Ueno Park Hanami 2015

Along with one million other people who spontaneously decided to take off work on Tuesday (after all, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom), I went with a friend to Ueno Park for Hanami.

My friend, who wishes to remain anonymous lest her reputation be tainted by scandal, doesn’t appear in the photos.

The weather was amazingly beautiful. Another great spring day.

I’ve described the photos below. And if you click on them you can see them in full resolution.

The sakura variety seems to be different from those along the Nakagawa. The ones in Ueno were mostly white, while the ones in my neighborhood have a pinkish cast to them.

I like what feels like a “cloud of sakura” in the stretch of trees.

Photo Mar 31, 1 03 19 PM

This one’s a panorama! So if you can click on it and pan from side to side you can see a lot of detail.

Photo Mar 31, 1 03 32 PM

Looking up at the cherry trees.

Photo Mar 31, 1 05 32 PM

People came early and reserved roped off spots for hanami parties. You can see some on the left.

Photo Mar 31, 1 05 47 PM

These people were really getting into the Hanami spirit. There’s beer, Mt. Fuji and, I’m not sure, but it could be Abraham Lincoln with sunglasses.

Photo Mar 31, 1 06 40 PM

Even Mahjong.

Photo Mar 31, 1 16 18 PM

Not to mention the cute “Sakura Inu.”

Photo Mar 31, 1 14 32 PMPhoto Mar 31, 1 08 48 PMPhoto Mar 31, 1 21 28 PMPhoto Mar 31, 1 22 10 PMPhoto Mar 31, 1 22 15 PMPhoto Mar 31, 1 23 00 PM

We had lunch sitting down by the lotus pond (the lotus were not in bloom). This is a special inari zushi sakura set from a shop in Ueno station which specialized in inari zushi. Delicious!

Photo Mar 31, 1 40 49 PMPhoto Mar 31, 2 11 02 PMPhoto Mar 31, 2 14 37 PM

There was also one pink tree, which drew a big crowd.

Photo Mar 31, 2 22 00 PM