What a difference a day makes – spring is really here

Even compared to yesterday, there are many more cherry blossoms. There is still a long ways to go to “mankai” (full bloom), but it is getting very pretty along the Nakagawa. The weather was a few degrees warmer today, so it was very comfortable during my bike ride. And look how blue the sky is!

In fact, I intended a short ride today, but it was so pleasant out I just kept on drifting along on my bicycle, feeling in pretty good spirits.

Maybe spring does that to a person after a long, cold winter?

(If you click on the photos you should be able to see them much larger.)


March27-3 March27-2 March27-1

Getting close

They are still not quite in full bloom, but getting very close. It seems this year the cherry blossoms are blooming much earlier than they ever have since I’ve been to Japan. They usually bloom the first week of April. Somebody asked if it was global warming, but I really don’t know. Could just be a weather fluctuation this year.