Relativistic effects on the Chuo Line

I think there is some sort of time dilation effect that takes place on the Chuo line in the direction of Hachioji. I believe I’ve isolated the origin of the phenomenon to Kokubunji. This train display demonstrates the problem. It says it is 11:08 and I’ll be in Hachioji in 18 minutes. But it’s just not true. It will end up taking about 30 minutes. Are there any physicists interested in researching this? There could be a journal paper in it.


Macabre science experiment of the day

Detatched octopus arms show awareness, react to danger

From the article:

It’s further evidence that octopus intelligence is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Their arms continue to remain alert, reacting to pain, long after they have been removed from the body of the octopus. This isn’t just post-mortem twitching — the tentacles are aware of their environment, and responding to danger.