Back in Tokyo, Monta seems happy, and there are some cherry blossoms still in full bloom!

I got back home a few hours ago. Monta seemed happy to see me. I noticed some sakura were still in bloom, so used my reserve strength to go on a bicycle ride along the Nakagawa. Most trees have had half or more of the cherry blossoms fall, but some are still in full bloom.

You can click on photos to see them larger.


IMG_6103 IMG_6112 IMG_6116 IMG_6121 IMG_6123 IMG_6124 IMG_6131


The sakura petals are falling

I just came back from a nice bike ride along the Nakagawa. The weather today is beautiful. The cherry trees are mostly no longer in full bloom. Some are, but most are half empty (half full?) with sakura falling all around while cycling. It was very pleasant.

Here are a couple of photos, and one slo-mo video of the sakura petals falling. The video runs a bit long. I should really trim it. But it looks so nice and dreamlike in slow motion.

Oh – and the ride took about 30 minutes and burned 265 calories!

Fallenleaves-2 Fallenleaves-1


Mankai along the Nakagawa

It seems the cherry trees along the Nakagawa are in full bloom (mankai) – or pretty close to it – today!

A lot of photos, I know. But I did edit them down from over 40!

Spring is definitely here.

You can click on them to see the photos larger. The last one is a panorama, so if you click on it and then zoom in you can see a lot of detail going from left to right.

Photo Mar 30, 10 22 30 AM

Photo Mar 30, 10 31 25 AMPhoto Mar 30, 10 22 59 AM Photo Mar 30, 10 30 50 AM Photo Mar 30, 10 30 27 AM Photo Mar 30, 10 30 18 AM Photo Mar 30, 10 29 59 AM Photo Mar 30, 10 29 15 AM Photo Mar 30, 10 27 50 AM   Photo Mar 30, 10 33 31 AMPhoto Mar 30, 10 33 54 AM