Hillary Clinton’s emails

So let me see if I get this straight. Hillary Clinton is being criticized for using her own email address and her own secure email server while she was Secretary of State, even though other Secretaries of State have used private email addresses before her, and even though the rules requiring using a government email address didn’t go into effect until after she left office.

Meanwhile, Jeb Bush criticized Hillary for handling her email the way she did, even though he did the same thing and his reasoning was the same as hers – that it was secure and didn’t violate any rules.

Do I have that right?


Republicans and Cuba

Not all of the Republicans agree with the House Speaker, or Mark Rubio. But I don’t understand their objections. We have relations with all sorts of countries, including China. And China doesn’t have a free press, or free elections, etc. either. And we also have relations with Saudi Arabia. The list goes on.

Besides, some groups which usually are aligned with the Republicans are in favor of the change. For example, the Chamber of Commerce, and US farmers.

It’s just a natural change in the course of history.

And it’s not like the last 50+ years have accomplished anything. These Republicans seem to be saying, let’s take a tried and true failure and continue it.

Republicans react to Obama’s moves on Cuba

Japan national election results

It wasn’t a surprise result. The governing LDP and coalition partner Komeito managed to get two-thirds majority +1, which is enough to do basically anything they want to do, including changing the constitution (which would still require a referendum).

I just hope Abe doesn’t use this “mandate” (only 35% of the electorate voted) to start working on constitutional revisions or revisionist history projects.

One question I have for some of my friends who describe Abenomics as “trickle-down economics” is this. What I understand trickle-down to be is that tax benefits are given to the wealthy in hopes that they will use the money to create jobs. But fiscal conservatives in the United States are opposed to more government spending in general.

Abe, though, has been printing money, and injecting large amounts into stimulus projects. It always sounded to me like American liberal economics. Almost the sort of thing that the Democratic Party would do if it had control of Congress. I think Republicans in the United States would be horrified at the way the LDP is doing economics.

In other words, I’ve always thought of the current LDP as strongly nationalistic, not really engaged in the “social issues” which consume the United States, and extremely liberal on economic issues.

Am I wrong?