Donald Trump calls for barring Muslims from U.S. – a shocking and un-American proposal

Trump is dangerous to a degree I didn’t fully appreciate until now. I think the fascist comparisons are no longer an exaggeration. He is inciting ugly, discriminatory feelings among his supporters which have clear historical, dangerous analogs. He needs to be completely repudiated.

From the NY Times article:

Experts on immigration law and policy expressed shock at the proposal Monday afternoon.
“This is just so antithetical to the history of the United States,” said Nancy Morawetz, a professor of clinical law at New York University School of Law, who specializes in immigration. “It’s unbelievable to have a religious test for admission into the country.”

Link to article:

There’s a new blog in town for the 2016 elections

Just for fun, during the 2016 election season, there is a new blog a couple of us created. I don’t want to overwhelm members of this blog with U.S. campaign posts, so I decided to give you a break this time around!

You can optionally opt-in and subscribe to the new blog by visiting Or you can just email me and ask to be added to the list.

I may post an occasional election-related post here, but most of such posts will be to the new blog. Here I can concentrate on the things most of my subscribers enjoy: articles about Japan, my Java Sparrows, photography, computers, culture, language, health and life in general.

The election posts will mostly go to So please visit and subscribe, especially if you like presidential and other politics in the long lead-up to the primary season and next year’s general election. Fair warning: it’s not an unbiased news site. And hopefully other people besides me will post. 🙂




The Israeli election

This is ridiculous. How can Netanyahu turn his back on all the agreements Israel signed over all these decades, promising to work towards a two state solution? 

He deserves to go down in blazing defeat in the election. 

I think his victory would be a security blow to Israel and a huge step backwards in a search for peace.

Hillary Clinton’s emails

So let me see if I get this straight. Hillary Clinton is being criticized for using her own email address and her own secure email server while she was Secretary of State, even though other Secretaries of State have used private email addresses before her, and even though the rules requiring using a government email address didn’t go into effect until after she left office.

Meanwhile, Jeb Bush criticized Hillary for handling her email the way she did, even though he did the same thing and his reasoning was the same as hers – that it was secure and didn’t violate any rules.

Do I have that right?