Monta takes a bath in my hand – for the first time!

Monta took a bath in my hand for the first time just now. He never used to like that. But for quite a while now he has been unable to use his own bath, and I know birds like water, so I gave it a try tonight. He took a few sips of the water to test it out and then hopped right in and splashed around! He did fall down once (as you can see in the video) but I was able to pick him right up again. He really seemed to enjoy himself, and is happily drying himself off now.


Monta still singing!

Monta doesn’t seem to be able to fly between his swing and food perch anymore. But he spent the night sleeping on his swing, and I moved him over to his food this morning, where he drank water and ate as usual. He seems happy. Here he is singing just now.

When I play back this video to him he goes nuts trying to figure out who the other bird is!