Something’s wrong with Mon-chan

Something is suddenly wrong with Mon-chan. I think she might be dying. She was fine earlier today, but I just found her at the bottom of the cage barely responding. She never sits down there. I’m holding her now. She usually doesn’t let me do that. I don’t know what’s wrong. I feel panicked but there’s nothing I can do. She’s having spasms now.



Monta’s Song

Monta likes singing when he’s happy and relaxed. He doing it right now, as he is crawling over my fingers while I’m trying to type this. He is intently staring at the screen when I play back the video.

As my friends know by now, only the males sing. One person described the java sparrow song as sounding like Star Trek phasers.

Mon was on Monta’s swing just now. I never saw that before. She’s getting adventurous in her old age.


Happy Labor Thanksgiving Day and… Mon’s 7th and Monta’s 6th Birthday!

You all know it’s a national holiday in Japan today – Labor Thanksgiving Day, which falls one day before the U.S. Thanksgiving Day this year.

But did you also know it’s Mon’s 7th and Monta’s 6th birthday?

Here are their official birthday portraits!


Mon actually cooperated and sat still for her photo

Mon actually cooperated and sat still for her photo


Mon still cooperating

Mon still cooperating


Mon looking regal

Mon looking regal


And here's Monta

And here’s Monta


One more of Monta

One more of Monta


Four of these photos are actually iPhone “live photos” so I turned the last one of Monta into a 10 second YouTube video. It’s the live photo repeating itself 3 times, but cute. There wasn’t much action in the other live photos.


Anyway, off to celebrate Mon and Monta’s birthday now!



Monta’s 4th anniversary here with us!

Monta came to live with us exactly 4 years ago today! I found him on a java sparrow adoption site, and ran over to Mitaka to take him home to keep Mon company. These photos are from this morning. Click to see the collage larger.

And you can see Monta the day he arrived, on November 6, 2012, here. Perhaps he’s gotten a little greyer, but he’s just as lively as the day he came home with me.