It’s quieted down now but was magnitude 8.5!

The earthquake went on for minutes. First it was slow and rolling, then suddenly strong. My house is still moving slightly.

The epicenter was Tokyo prefecture, technically, but near Ogasawara, which are islands pretty far off the coast.

On the Japanese Shindo scale of 1-7 it was a 5+ at the epicenter. Shindo 4 where I live.

The magnitude was 8.5, but very deep – 590 km.

No damage in my house. Just a lot of shaking. No tsunami warning.

A separate earthquake woke me up at 1:06 am.



Earthquake over. Everything ok.

It was a Shindo 4 by me (on the Japanese 1-7 earthquake scale). Shindo 5 at the epicenter in northern Saitama. Magnitude 5.6.

The iPhone helpfully said “Earthquake. Earthquake. Earthquake” in Japanese. Like, “duh.”

Some things fell over, but it passed quickly. I thought my monitors might fall over but they didn’t.

All over for now.


Lost old lady

As I was walking back from Shinkoiwa station tonight, when I got close to the intersection where my house is, I saw an old lady wander into the intersection, completely ignoring the signal, obviously lost, and watched as she started walking down the middle of the road! Fortunately there was no traffic at the time.

I didn’t want to startle her, so I hailed a passing woman on a bicycle and asked her to help.

She approached the woman, who thought she was in Nakasakai. She said she was 80, but she didn’t have any ID or a phone or anything.

We called the police, and waited for them to come. In the meanwhile I got her some cold water since she was obviously thirsty.

She could talk clearly, but except for her name she didn’t know anything about where she was supposed to be.

Finally the police came and helped her into the back seat of the police car and said they would try to find out who she is and get her back where she belongs.

This is the third time I’ve found a wandering lost old lady in my neighborhood and had to call the police since I moved to Shinkoiwa 7 years ago. Am I an old-lady-with-dementia magnet?

Anyway, I’m glad we got her out of the road and safe into the hands of the police.