Diet reset

I badly need a diet reset. While I was in St. Louis, I actually lost a little weight. But since coming back to Japan my weight has been creeping up. Today it reached a “red alert” level.

This morning I was feeling very depressed about it, but this afternoon I decided to take action. What I need is change. I still need to control calories – that is basic conservation of energy. But I need to get out of my rut and change the way I’ve been doing things.

Basically, what I decided to do was try Weight Watchers again – for the first time in 35 years. The program has evolved over the last few decades.

I already know the basic concepts of Weight Watchers, and I don’t want to pay their high monthly fees, so I found a really nice iPhone app that mirrors the Weight Watchers program! It will let me track everything I eat, keep track of point limits, calculate the points that I’m allowed based on my current weight, and also keep track of activity points.

I’ve attached a screenshot.

This will be a fun way to mentally refresh my diet I think. It’s a psychological thing. I’ve been doing the same thing for 850 days now, and I just need a change.

Also, there are some things on the Weight Watchers program which are zero points. This is offset of course by the points that you’re allowed to eat for other foods. But mentally it relieves some pressure, the feeling that there’s “nothing left to eat today.” I’m hoping that will be a big help.

For example, all non-starchy vegetables are zero points. And fruits are zero points. This encourages people to eat something healthy if they feel like they must eat something, which is the position I’m in.

Of course I’m still continuing my exercise, such as cycling and walking. I’m considering adding swimming in as well. The Weight Watchers program tracks these “activity points” too.

Anyway, I’m going to try this. And it’s fun to use a new app. And the app had 258 great reviews and only cost $2. I think it might help if it really works. It’s worth trying rather than just sitting around moping and feeling depressed about it.

So, if you see me eating things that I’m not usually eating, it’s because I’m trying something new! This will also vary the kinds of things that I eat every day. But basically in the end it’s still low-fat, low-calorie, and the weight watchers points calculation even considers carbs.

The screenshot shows 0 kg lost because I am starting the app today. Of course I’ve lost more than 30 kg total so far. This will track “phase 2″ of my long-term diet.


Kaiser Permanente to Doctors: Recommend Plant-Based Diet

An interesting development. From the article:

In a startlingly reasonable development, health insurance monolith Kaiser Permanente urges physicians to make use of the abundant existing evidence regarding diet and disease prevention. Kaiser now encourages its 15,000 affiliated doctors to recommend a plant-based to all patients, “especially those with high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or obesity.”

That’s, of course, the diet I am on.

See the slightly larger article at:

Good checkup at the hospital

I just got back from a two month checkup at the hospital. Excellent blood test results. My LDL is now down to 64! That’s probably better than all my friends.

My blood sugar dropped even more and is a completely normal HbA1c of 5.5 – without medication. That was a pleasant surprise, because I’ve been eating a lot of fruits like bananas lately, and all that white rice that I have been eating until just last couple of weeks. But it all had nothing but positive effects on my blood sugar.

My blood pressure was 115/62, also without medication.

Everything was just completely normal. The doctor was pleased. The nutritionist was pleased. I was pleased.

That’s about it. I go back for another regular check up in two months.

At this rate, my health insurance company is going to continue to make huge profits on me. :)


How fat am I?

One of the questions that keeps on percolating up when discussing my 4 month plateau is “how fat am I?”

This is a photo of myself I took just now. As some of you might know, I’ve been stuck at the same weight for about 4 months now.

According to my BMI that still puts me in the “obese” range. I think I look more “overweight” than “obese.”

Still much better than I did 76 lb ago. But I’d somehow feel like I need to lose another 20 kg.

I personally think I look “overweight but not so overweight people would snicker” like they did before.

I’m not fishing for compliments here – just thinking out loud.