A walk around the park

I’m not getting enough exercise here, so I decided to take a walk around Lafayette Park. From my house on MacKay to the park is about 180 m. The complete walk, door to door, around the circumference of the park is about 1.85 km, roughly the same as a round-trip walk from my house in Tokyo to Shinkoiwa station and back.


Cherry blossoms and bike ride along the river

I haven’t been on a bike ride along the river since December 23, when I had a bad fall off my bike while trying to take a hill I wasn’t used to. My leg hurt for a couple of weeks, and then the weather turned really cold. Then I had my recent trip to Boston.

Well today the weather is beautiful. So there was no putting off a bike ride anymore. It really is nice weather today. Beautiful blue skies, and you don’t even need a jacket out. Truly spring has come.

I thought I would’ve lost muscle strength because I haven’t gone riding in so long, except for short bicycle rides to the supermarket and to run errands. However, I was still able to take all the hills I usually take, and I really didn’t get tired until after about 7 km or so. So while I still have to build up strength again, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

The cherry blossoms aren’t quite in full bloom anymore, but as you can see in these photos there are still plenty. I would say it is 70% full bloom right now in my neighborhood.

It’s just really really nice out along the river.

















The “J” word

Just before, I was returning from visiting a friend in the hospital in Tsukiji. While walking back from the station, I felt like I had an excess of energy and wanted to go faster.

I didn’t run exactly. I looked it up on the Internet, and I think it is what people call “jogging.” Have you heard of it before? I don’t remember ever doing it.

If I had better shoes I feel like I could have gone faster. From the station to my house is just over 1 km. And sometimes I had to catch my breath, so I walked quickly between “jogs.” I could feel my body heat up and it was actually very invigorating.

I might do it again sometime!