Monta didn’t have his covfefe this morning

Monta seems a bit out of sorts this morning. He’s sort of cranky. Actually, he hasn’t been his usual self for a while now. His beak and around his eyes are still vivid red, so I don’t think there is anything specifically wrong with him, other than that he is getting old. When he flies he often loses strength and decides to land on the floor, where he’ll hop into my hand. Also, he spends a lot of time on the perch near the cage door, rather than on his swing. I’m a bit worried, but he still has his appetite and likes being snuggled, so I don’t think there is anything in particular I can do about it.

Back in Tokyo, Monta seems happy, and there are some cherry blossoms still in full bloom!

I got back home a few hours ago. Monta seemed happy to see me. I noticed some sakura were still in bloom, so used my reserve strength to go on a bicycle ride along the Nakagawa. Most trees have had half or more of the cherry blossoms fall, but some are still in full bloom.

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Disk storage sure has changed over the years

In 1956 the huge box being shipped in the first photo was a 5 MB hard drive. It rented for $28,000 a month in today’s dollars.

In the second photo, on the finger of my hand, is a 256 GB flash drive (51,500 times the capacity) designed to just fit into the SD slot of a MacBook Pro. Cost $150.

I got it so I could keep my entire Photos library of more than 35,000 photos and videos I’ve taken over the years on my Mac without needing to store them on an external drive. The 1956 hard drive could only hold about 5 photos like the one shown.

IBM 5 MB hard drive from 1956

IBM 5 MB hard drive from 1956

Monta and 256 GB flash drive from 2017

Monta and 256 GB flash drive from 2017