I know how concerned everybody was about what was happening with Jumbo in his evaporating biosphere.

Since he was deciding to live past his normal lifespan, I decided to open the biosphere this week and slowly start adding in mineral water, at the rate of 1 tablespoon a day, to replenish the evaporating water.

I’m happy to report he seems to like it, and seems more lively than ever.


Who is smarter than a Java sparrow?

Here are Monta and Mon lazing away the afternoon.

Mon has laid four eggs so far this month, one in the left nest and three in the right nest. However the egg from the left nest dropped and broke, and Monta got jealous and started occupying the right nest.

I put a fake egg in the left nest to keep Monta occupied, and he seems satisfied with that.

I guess I’m smarter than a Java sparrow.