Hao and Mon – two very different personalities

I just checked on Mon and instead of early-morning sleeping on the top perch in her usual spot, she is sitting near the entrance, awake. I think she is looking for Hao.

I’m going to have to spend extra time playing with her.

Hao had a very different personality from Mon.

Hao was very smart, knew his name, and would come when called. Although quite tame on my finger or hand or even eating food from between my fingers (he had great eyesight!) he hated being petted or touched and would make his dinosaur sound and try to peck or bite if I tried to touch him anywhere. Except the last day when he seemed to take comfort from it.

Mon on the other hand is, well there is no kind way to put it, dumb as a doorknob. Almost as dumb as a cat. I’m not convinced she knows her name. There’s no way to call her and get her to come. On the other hand, she has a very amiable personality and never pecks at me and doesn’t mind being petted.

I have less photos of her overall because she’s very camera shy, while Hao actually seemed to like posing for pictures.


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